In creating images my goal is to convey a since of the place, the environment, a feeling of what you could expect to experience if you were to visit. The photographs may, and most probably do have my artistic interpretation, but they are not unnecessarily enhanced to make them look better than the reality of the place unless obvious or noted. A photograph can make a dump of a location look fabulous. This is not my intent. You may have to get up early, stay out late or be out in dismal weather to find it, but it is possible to find. If anything the photograph is an understatement of the scene, because temperature, smell, the feel of the wind and bite of the bugs are only imagined in a photograph. The image works if it brings to you more than just the image itself.

My college degree is in zoology and I am not a "professional" photographer, but an echographer. I'm a specialist in ophthalmic ultrasound, or echography, and have been involved in the echographic evaluation of eyes and diagnosis of ocular pathology, from cataracts to trauma to tumors and things that masquerade as tumors, for the past 30 or so years. I am acutely aware of the importance of vision and how unpredictable and devastating it is to lose or have decreased, the clarity of vision. My degree and career choice make me very much aware of the magic of the natural world and the ability to visualize it.